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Far from superficial

Beyond the Surface

F. LIST GMBH have gained them­selves a rep­u­ta­tion as a sup­pli­er of mod­ern inte­ri­ors for yachts and air­crafts. Their clear objec­tive is to meet the great chal­lenges faced in the high­ly sen­si­tive air­craft indus­try, as the demands for utmost pre­ci­sion are many times high­er there than in oth­er industries.

Technical specialities for wood-aesthetes

We make it possible

Kauf­mann Ober­holz­er AG pro­duces almost every­thing you can dream of from wood. When it came to imple­ment­ing 5‑axis CNC sys­tems in the com­pa­ny, it became clear that Reichen­bach­er was one step ahead of oth­ers: because sup­port before and dur­ing project plan­ning and instal­la­tion is indispensable.

Simply the best for the stage

Just-in-time is normality

Büh­nen­bau Wertheim GmbH have spe­cialised in pro­cess­ing exclu­sive lum­bers into first-class stage floors. In 2007, they had no longer any oth­er choice than the use of a CNC-unit for process­es, such as saw­ing, milling and drilling, to ensure effi­cient fin­ish­ing of the plates.

Feel-good factor on wheels

Lightweight construction is essential for caravan building

The major clients of Sten­gele Holz- und Kun­st­stofftech­nik GmbH, such as Hymer, Cartha­go, Deth­leffs, Fendt and oth­ers, install its com­po­nents in all vehi­cles. Their pro­duc­tion sec­tor uses most advanced tech­nolo­gies, such as the 5‑axes CNC-machin­ing cen­tres from Reichen­bach­er, to ensure con­tin­u­ous top machin­ing quality. 

Boundless source of creativity

Exclusive and aesthetically designed furniture

Those look­ing for exclu­sive fur­ni­ture with aes­thet­ic design, but above all for sophis­ti­cat­ed liv­ing space con­cepts, will find what they are look­ing for at Schreinerei Johann Raßhofer. Each piece of fur­ni­ture is unique and impress­es by its 100-per­cent pre­ci­sion. Since 2013, every­thing made from wood has passed through the 5‑axis CNC machin­ing cen­tre VISION-II‑T.


Ideas brought into form

The pur­chase of a com­plex CNC sys­tem is also a leap in at the deep end — at least from the point of view of a small join­ery busi­ness. Kurt Kutschmann (Area Sales Man­ag­er Reichen­bach­er Hamuel), who had the require­ments of the Swiss spe­cial­ists for tricky wood­en form parts clear­ly in mind, was well aware of this. 

Solving big tasks intuitively

Software and machine as a unit

Com­pa­nies in indus­try and trade are fac­ing a major chal­lenge in terms of automa­tion. After all, machines alone are not enough — in order to guar­an­tee con­sis­tent­ly high prod­uct qual­i­ty, intel­li­gent soft­ware must be used so that employ­ees can oper­ate machines and car­ry out pro­gram­ming after a short train­ing period.