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Tech­nique for a per­fect 5‑axis machining

The new ECO NT series by Reichen­bach­er Hamuel guar­an­tees absolute con-tour accu­ra­cy, the high­est sur­face qual­i­ty and pre­ci­sion. With the new fixed and low vibra­tion gantry con­cept, the fixed machin­ing table on a rugged frame and the high Z‑axis every clas­si­cal rout­ing process can be car­ried out.

All machin­ing posi­tions at the work­piece are machined from all sides. The coor­di­nate table con­cept with set­ting bush­es and fix­ing holes allows a safe and quick change of work­pieces. With the 3D-mea­sur­ing pin the ref­er­ence points are read and mem­o­rised in the con­trol. In prac­tise this means high­est work­piece accu­ra­cies. The ECO-NT types are of spe­cial inter­est for cus­tomers who process plas­tics, com­pos­ites and aluminium.

Configuration examples


  • Con­fig­u­ra­tion with one or two high­fre­quen­cy spin­dles for effi­cient com­plete machin­ing from 6 sides
  • Uni­ver­sal use – for exam­ple for spe­cial pro­files, formed parts and plates
  • Machin­ing of com­po­nents from plas­tics, alu­mini­um, GFRP and of hybrid parts from plas­tics and metal
  • Par­ti­tion of the work­ing area for alter­nate operation