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House Construction

By pro­vid­ing a com­pet­i­tive advan­tage Reichen­bach­er is a strong partner.

Derix Glued Laminated Timber

The Der­ix group of com­pa­nies has spe­cialised in glued lam­i­nat­ed tim­ber for con­struc­tion pur­pos­es. Their pri­or­i­ty is on hall struc­tures, which includes also high­ly com­plex shapes. 

Today they are work­ing with three iden­ti­cal lines of type VISION-III-TT-5-axes, each of which is equipped with a beam table 16,500 x 3,600 mm that con­sists of 23 steel tra­vers­es with wood­en beam tops, as well as with a conveyor.

innbau-beton High-Quality Precast Concrete Elements

Die Schalung ist eine Form, in die Frisch­be­ton zur Her­stel­lung von Beton­bauteilen einge­bracht wird und die nach dem Erhärten ent­fer­nt wird. Vor den Toren Münchens ist die Fir­ma innbau-beton zuhause, die Bau­un­ternehmer mit hochw­er­ti­gen Beton­fer­tigteilen beliefert.

Seit zwei Jahren wer­den diese Schalungsplat­ten in Größen bis zu 6.000 x 2.000 mm automa­tisiert auf der QUANTUM gefer­tigt. Durch den Ein­satz der Mas­chine erre­icht innbau-beton im Ver­gle­ich zu früher eine Zeit­erspar­nis von rund 25 Prozent.

Balteschwiler Wall and Ceiling Panels / Outer Facades

The man­u­fac­ture of wall and ceil­ing pan­els, as well as of out­er facades, requires big, reli­able machin­ing systems.

Using the VISION-III-TTT, the cut­ting and machin­ing cen­tre for large for­mats, Bal­teschwiler per­form the ful­ly auto­mat­ic cut­ting, milling, drilling, cham­fer­ing and grind­ing of com­plex pan­el and struc­tur­al com­po­nents of up to 13.5 m in length, 3.5 m in width and 250 mm thickness!

Renggli Sustainable Buildings

Apart from their high lev­el of com­fort, sus­tain­able tim­ber build­ings impress main­ly by their low ener­gy requirements.

As the degree of pre­fab­ri­ca­tion for mod­u­lar tim­ber con­struc­tion sys­tems is an ever-increas­ing one, Reng­gli rely on mod­ern pro­duc­tion lines, which com­prise also the pan­el machin­ing cen­tre ECO-3533‑B Nest­ing.

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