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Inno­v­a­tive machin­ing of alu­mini­um profiles

The high­ly dynam­ic 5‑axes CNC-machine VISION-FLEX is per­fect for the advanced pro­cess­ing of alu­mini­um pro­files, as it rev­o­lu­tionis­es the cut­ting and machin­ing even of larg­er pro­file cross-sec­tions. The pro­cess­ing of pro­files of up to 7,300 mm in length, three-sided and end-of-pro­file machin­ing, are only some of the tech­ni­cal high­lights of this new machine concept.

When you use this series, you will suc­ceed in sav­ing pre­cious work­ing time and thus in achiev­ing cost reduc­tions. How is this pos­si­ble? The absolute posi­tion mea­sur­ing sys­tem for the CNC-axes ren­ders ref­er­enc­ing unnec­es­sary. Clamp­ing blocks with indi­vid­ual dri­ves, which can also be dis­placed in groups, result in a sig­nif­i­cant reduc­tion in set-up and man­u­fac­tur­ing times, and owing to auto­mat­ic clamp posi­tion­ing this time advan­tage becomes even more dras­tic in alter­nate operation.

Configuration examples


  • CNC-cen­tre for the 6‑sided machin­ing of alu­mini­um and plas­tic profiles
  • Very large machin­ing area (7,300 x 500 x 350 mm) at a small foot­print (12,800 x 3,000 x 3,000 mm)
  • Effi­cient 5‑axes machin­ing with 15 kW spin­dle (35 kW spin­dle as an option)
  • Saw­ing up to a saw blade diam­e­ter of 500 mm
  • Mea­sur­ing stop for mea­sur­ing the pro­files (as an option)
  • No inter­rup­tion of the machin­ing oper­a­tion for set­ting / load­ing: while machin­ing takes place in sta­tion 1, load­ing can simul­ta­ne­ous­ly be effect­ed in sta­tion 2
  • 8 — 10 clamp­ing blocks: mas­sive, inclined design for a bet­ter chip removal
  • Machine bed with chip con­vey­or; a sheet-met­al labyrinth pro­tects all guide and dri­ve ele­ments against chip penetration
  • No pres­sure mats, no pro­tec­tive grat­ing: safe­ty sys­tem in bumper design
  • Con­trol sys­tem Siemens Sinu­merik 840D sl with mobile oper­a­tor desk