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Cheek milling machine farewell!

Cheek milling machine farewell!

dds 3.2023

Ste­fan Nos and son Benedikt labo­ri­ous­ly made stairs with exot­ic machines. Now they have drawn a line and banned from the work­shop not only the cheek milling machine for milling steps and the stair­case bor­ing machine.

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The crazier the better

The crazier the better

HK 6.2022

The 3D form­work bod­ies that give the con­crete its shape are planned, pre­fab­ri­cat­ed and assem­bled with com­put­er assis­tance. The more geo­met­ri­cal­ly com­plex the form­work is, the more flow­able and at the same time pres­­sure-resis­­tant the con­cretes used have to be.

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A House at your fingertips

A House at your fingertips

A House at your fin­ger­tips! Hous­ing is scarce and becom­ing increas­ing­ly expen­sive. In the mean­time, tim­ber con­struc­tion has gained an impor­tant place in the build­ing indus­try world­wide, espe­cial­ly with regard to envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly con­struc­tion. At the beginning…

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