Prerequisite for increasing urbanisation are efficiently moving masses and therefore light-weight structures for rail vehicles and buses.

AIREX is the market leader where functionally integrated composite systems for mass transport are concerned. High-precision manufacturing of these components is carried out on a VISION-III-TT.

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A weight reduction of the superstructure and thus better stability and driving dynamics are achieved when mobile homes are built from high-stability light-weight materials.

This approach has optimised Carthago’s overall concept of mobile home construction. Interior fittings, structural components and outer walls are machined on the VISION-II, the  excellent milling results of which underline the superior quality of the products.

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Cross-linked rigid foams are the ultimate in light-weight construction and race cars have become inconceivable without them.

Gaugler & Lutz is top in the industry as a supplier of core materials for lightweight and sandwich constructions. Manufacturing on a VISION-II provides optimum conditions for their   strategy of dynamic capacity utilisation.

To the VISION series

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