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The company Reichenbacher has responded to our needs right from the start and has developed and implemented a technically excellent solution. This was an important decision criterion for investing in a Reichenbacher system. Qualitatively we have been able to notice a significant improvement in the production process right from the start.

Michael Ray and Wolfgang Grubert

Kunststoff- und Acrylglasvertrieb

To ensure high-precision results in drilling and milling, a lot has been tried out. But neither the plasma nor the water jet cutting brought the desired result and so it was decided that a CNC machining center should replace the machining operations with the pillar drilling machines. The company Reichenbacher was the most flexible of all and was ultimately the only company that guaranteed that the holes in a galvanized sheet metal with a CNC machine are precise.

Marco Spaeth and Martin Weschta


The advantages of using the VISION-III-ST are clear. For example, for the lavishly decorated capital posts, for which, as we traditionally milled by hand, we needed five hours, we are done with the CNC in 30 minutes. Depending on the component we are faster with a factor of 2 to 8, for example when the cheeks are caulked or saddled. We are really fast, but above all, the quality of the workmanship is first-class and, in the very last consequence, that is the most important thing.

Alexander Stöhr, Stefan Ammann and Andreas Bauer

Ammann oHG

5-axis milling was a new technology at our location. Consequently, they sought a reliable partner who not only provided a tailor-made machine solution, but also ensured the fulfillment of other process parameters such as time calculations, accuracies, tolerances, machine availability and intensive training courses. Since the machine manufacturer Reichenbacher Hamuel was a listed supplier in the group, discussions could be held quickly and a concrete requirement profile could be defined.

Ralf Sdrenka

Faurecia Automotive GmbH

We have become much faster and can respond much better to the acceleration in the market with a vertical integration of almost 80 %; the quality is excellent and the efficiency has increased significantly.

Jörg Hüttinger with CNC-Team

Kurt Hüttinger GmbH & Co. KG

The quality of all components tested in-house is excellent. Since one works with the Reichenbacher CNC system, there are no more complaints. The 5-axis machine is more stable, stronger, more accurate and faster than before.

Daniel Reutimann


They wanted a machine designed for at least 15 years or more. The decision was made in favor of the machine manufacturer Reichenbacher. Why was that? "From the very constructive cooperation from the beginning," sums up Frans Sonnemans succinctly.

Frans Sonnemans

Sonnemans Treppen

The goal was to achieve 3-4 steps from raw material to final component in a lean 1-line production. In addition, after the last step, the milling process, rework should be excluded. This in turn means that the CNC milling machines have to deliver ready-to-use edges and eliminate surface damage during processing, as this is the only way to provide the customer with a high quality standard just in time and install the components directly in the vehicle.

Matthäus Kling and Thomas Elison

Stengele GmbH

"This machine permits staff savings of up to 8 people. An enormous benefit at times of a shortage of skilled labour", says Claus Schmid, and his son adds: "We get first-class planing results, as we can work at higher speeds and use better tools. Moreover, there is less work involved in manual surface planing and the drilling of holes during final assembly is no longer necessary, because they have already been made by the drilling units. And all this with just one machine operator."

Martin und Claus Schmid

Holzbau Schmid GmbH & Co. KG

"We decided on Reichenbacher because they have already built plants of this size. They had excellent references and they listened to what we wanted as customers. Particularly important in this project was the need to bring everything together; software, material supply and distribution to the racks which had to be linked in, and so we had to work as a team. Reichenbacher were very supportive and it became clear during the realisation period that we had made the right choice."

Max Renggli

Geschäftsführer Renggli AG

"We've been working with Reichenbacher for some years now and we're very, very pleased with the results – in fact you could describe it as a successful partnership. For us, Reichenbacher isn't just a supplier. We regard the Company as a partner who takes special note of our wishes and has an innovative and flexible approach to constructing the machines in accordance with our requirements."

Helge Bender

Geschäftsführer Waldaschaff Automotive GmbH

"For us, Reichenbacher is a first-class partner. We greatly appreciate the fact that they deliver on schedule, they have an excellent price/performance ratio and they provide expert assistance when there is a problem to be solved in our factory."

Guido Terbrack

Terbrack Kunststoff GmbH & Co. KG

"Our company is continually challenged to offer the market of favourably priced product that meets the high demands of the automotive industry. In order to comply with these requirements it is naturally important to have the appropriate system technology which is flexible enough and has a high degree of system availability. For this purpose Reichenbacher has designed a sophisticated system with an impressive range of equipment."

Alfred Waas

Geschäftsführer HTZ Holztrocknung GmbH

"Gaugler & Lutz oHG was founded in 1983 as a crafts enterprise and trading firm. Today we perceive ourselves as an industrial manufactory that offers a comprehensive product, manufacturing and service portfolio. Where multi-axes machining is concerned, for more than 15 years we have been counting on the experience and competence of Reichenbacher. As a flexible and dynamic enterprise we place great value in innovation; here, Reichenbacher is our perfect partner. With flying colours Reichenbacher has met our demands for digital 3D model machinery that incorporates the respective kinematics and an advance collision check."

Dominic Lutz

Gaugler & Lutz oHG