By mutual interest we want to intensify the direct contact with our customers and the efficient exchange of experience connected with it. A machine technician will attend you at regular intervals (for example in connection with a service contract) and work out optimising solutions with the gained experience. The tips and advice from our current technical experiences and further developments are meant to be useful for you.

  • You can make use of our installation and commissioning service yet during the offer phase
  • Predetermination of the required space and energy during a machine installation
  • Small adjustment and maintenance work are done on site yet


By modem a connection is established between the Service Centre and the main computer of the machine/production. In this way your machine can be „remote-controlled“, failures can be found and functions influenced. Even during production the current machine status can be displayed at the monitor. Workpiece programs can be changed or completely retransmitted, adaptations of the control software can be realised immediately. The advantages of the tele-diagnostic are obvious:

  • Failures can be quickly located so that services on site can be avoided
  • Errors in programming and operation can be eliminated immediately
  • Spare parts can be ordered specifically
  • If mechanical or electrical/electronical service is necessary, concrete steps for the elimination of failures will be taken.
There is also activity in the field of spare parts. In the new Service Centre a special stock for the customer’s service and special contracts with suppliers guarantee rapid availability of marketable goods. We have got additional service stocks in the UK, Benelux, Romania, France and Northern Germany for a quick and reliable supply of spare parts. You can decide if you want normal delivery, 24 hours delivery or immediate delivery. With all this you can be sure that you always get quick and professional support.

Martin Truckenbrodt
Hotline & Teleservice

   Phone:    +49 (0)9561 599-241
   Fax:          +49 (0)9561 599-164

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Prevention means saving costs

  • Avoiding machine standstills
  • Permanent high quality level of product and machine
  • Extending the lifetime of the equipment
  • Predictable machine hourly rates by fixed calculated costs
  • Preventive and early identification of potential machine failures by wearing, material fatigue or misadjustment.

For this reason Reichenbacher Hamuel offers a variety of maintenance contracts of different structure. They range from preventive maintenance to laser measuring with certificate. Our advice team is pleased to help you finding the suitable solution of your requirements.


Teleservice – quicker, more efficient, more effective

By hotline and diagnostic we can immediately localise machine malfunctions and take specific actions. More than 70% of all failures are eliminated by a hotline diagnose!

  • Reducing service interventions
  • Reducing service costs
  • Avoiding unplanned machine standstills
  • Well-directed planning of services
  • Specific delivery of spare parts
  • Support of maintenance and operating personnel