Furniture from piece number one: To realize this individuality economically is a challenge, especially if you process up to 23 different solid woods.

The wood manufacturer Weißacher relies on the different performance of two CNC systems: a VISION-I with console table and an ARTIS-X4 with high Z-axis.

To the ARTIS X series

When it comes to tricky wooden mouldings for staircase parapets, reception counters, wall panelling or furnishing elements for concert halls, for example, there is no getting around first-class workmanship.

The elements, mostly made of easily bendable poplar wood, are processed at Bachmann on a VISION-II-H with manual carrier table, which impresses with a Z-stroke of 780 mm.

To the VISION series

Anyone looking for aesthetically designed furniture and sophisticated living space concepts will find what they are looking for at Raßhofer. Each piece of furniture is unique and impresses above all through 100% custom work.

Everything that is made of wood runs through the VISION-II-T. Here, workpieces made of different types of wood and with unusual geometries are programmed and visualized with the help of a 3D workpiece display.

To the VISION series

Exquisite craftsmanship is synonymous with Taylor Made Joinery from Suffolk. The huge fan-vaulted ceiling of a cathedral, which consists of over 2,500 individual components, is just one example of their expertise.

They rely on the UNIVERS-416 and VISION-II lines when, for instance, big components with double curves and very small radii have to be processed.

To the VISION series

In interior construction, apart from furniture, windows, doors and staircases, a company often handles complex 3D-structures and demanding materials.

Their high quality requirements cause Kaufmann Oberholzer to rely on the modern technology of the VISION-II line, the short tool changing times of which warrant for good working  efficiency.

To the VISION series

Intricate three-dimensional components from wood, mineral and other materials can be used to their full effect in interior design.

Schreinerei Raphael Haas, using the ARTIS-X4, completely rely on advanced CNC-technology, and its excellent milling results have become vital in furniture making.

To the ARTIS-X series

A rational system of vacuum lifter and CNC-machining centre is indispensable to ensure ergonomically efficient panel processing.

Bühnenbau Wertheim are especially satisfied by the solid machine base of the VISION-II. The company uses this line for the manufacture of high-grade stage floors for theatres and opera houses all over the world.

To the VISION serie

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