TUBE – Tailor-made for the automotive industry


Our business philosophy consists in developing lines that appeal to our target groups. Normally, to achieve this goal we base the concept for each line on our modular system. In other words, we select the optimum series and modify its technical equipment to customise the machine in such a way that it perfectly meets the requirements of the respective client. For the first time our approach has been different in the case of the TUBE. The automotive industry has several peculiarities which we want to accommodate.

Global players in this industry must be extremely flexible, not only in terms of their range of products, but also where the production sites are concerned. A relocation can imply transporting many machines and lines. In doing so, international standards will have to be observed, meaning that, apart from safety, the focus will also have to be on the ease of transportation.

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Technical features

The TUBE system:

  • CNC-centre for the machining of plastics, aluminium and composites (CFRP, GFRP)
  • Very spacious machining area (2x 3,200 mm in X-direction) at a very small machine footprint (12,000 x 2,500 x 2,500 mm)
  • Automatic loading doors offer excellent accessibility for the operator and at the same time a good view of the machining processes
  • Setting/loading in parallel to machining time: while machining is in progress in station 1, loading can take place in station 2
  • Machine fully enclosed with two cardanic 5-axes units and separate tool changers
  • Control cabinet and cabin firmly connected with the machine base
  • Cost reductions for commissioning, as well as for transportation (container)
  • Container loading of the crane hook machine: transportation in 40“open top high cube container


Examples of Use


The major challenge for our engineering department was to build the TUBE in such a way that it could be loaded into a container and shipped to places all over the world without the need to remove many of its components. This has successfully been accomplished with this fully enclosed machine, where the control cabinet and the cabin are firmly connected with the machine base. Using a 20 ton crane, the line can be loaded in one piece into a 40" open top high cube container. A considerable cost reduction is achieved by this design, both, for transportation and for commissioning.


This series has been dubbed TUBE, as it very much resembles an underground. The “automotive industry” is our explicit target group, which is an absolute novelty, as all preceding series had never been designed for a specific industry. However, it is to be expected that its future utilisation won't be restricted to this industry. Taking into account the fact that the TUBE is ideally suited for the machining of plastics, aluminium and composites (CFRP, GFRP), it will attract the attention of other industries, too.