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High qual­i­ty, repeat pro­duc­tion and flex­i­bil­i­ty for small quan­ti­ties are the typ­i­cal require­ments of most small and medi­um-sized join­ery shops. With the ARTIS X, Reichen­bach­er Hamuel sat­is­fies the demand for an effi­cient, flex­i­ble CNC-machin­ing cen­tre, which pro­vides high per­for­mance at an afford­able price.

Short set-up times, a vari­ety of machin­ing options and ease of oper­a­tion are essen­tial require­ments for increased pro­duc­tion effi­cien­cy in busi­ness­es where invest­ment in tech­nol­o­gy is often lim­it­ed to a few impor­tant pur­chas­es. Reichen­bach­er Hamuel machines are renowned for con­sis­tent­ly high out­put, excel­lent avail­abil­i­ty and the high­est mechan­i­cal reli­a­bil­i­ty. The prod­ucts are char­ac­terised by long oper­a­tional life with low main­te­nance requirements.

Configuration Examples


  • 5 axes with inter­face for a mul­ti-spin­dle drilling unit
  • Mul­ti-spin­dle drilling unit with 15 or 25 spindles
  • Plate tool mag­a­zine with 22 places and pick-up or chain tool mag­a­zine with 36 places
  • Encased machine por­tal with safe­ty bumpers
  • Plane table, grooved table, beam table or auto­mat­ic beam table
  • Siemens Sinu­merik 840D sl con­trol system

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