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Bridge formwork: the supreme discipline

11. November 2022

Preview image of the article "Slim 5-axis machine perfects bridge formwork" from HOB 8.2022

HOB 8.2022

Slim 5‑axis machine per­fects bridge formwork

When dri­ving under high­way bridges, some of which have large spans, one would not sus­pect that the indi­vid­ual form­work ele­ments need­ed to pour the con­crete into shape are rel­a­tive­ly small. This is because, unlike bal­conies, ceil­ings, walls or stairs, vis­i­ble joints in the con­crete do not inter­fere with con­crete bridges.

In order to inten­si­fy the ver­ti­cal range of man­u­fac­ture and to become inde­pen­dent of sup­pli­ers, the machin­ery was suc­ces­sive­ly built up: start­ing with a gird­er press, join­ery plant, nail plate gird­er and com­plet­ed in 2021 with the Reichen­bach­er OPUS pro­cess­ing cen­ter with HPL grid table.