Machine references on the market

All over the world almost 4.000 CNC machines from Reichenbacher are in use.

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Production program

Special machines have often been developed to standard machines for certain industrial branches - partly with a high grade of automation by magazine loading or automatic workpiece passage and the use of automatic copying processes (hydraulic contour tracer, inductive position encoder, optic curve tracer).

Reichenbacher Hamuel offers a wide range of products with CNC-routers for the machining of timber, aluminium and plastics. A multitude of additional aggregates - partly with own NC-axes - enlarge the applicability of these machines to almost all manufacturing areas with routing, sanding, sawing, drilling, tapping aso. A considerable part of these machines (machining centres) is equipped with one or more tool changers. Thus also entire gear heads can be changed automatically.


Reichenbacher Hamuel early developed and produced NC-machines and was a pacemaker in the development of specific software for woodworking; but also by the close co-operation with schools Reichenbacher Hamuel nurtured the use of the NC-technology in the machining of timber, aluminium and plastics. Since 1985 approximately 40 CNC-machines have been delivered to schools, at the head the Fachhochschule Rosenheim (Technical College). The first detailed NC-programming instruction for the woodworking was generated for Reichenbacher customers in 1982, which furtheron was used for the generation of school material.

Essential parts were incorporated in a school book and a specialist book, both written at Reichenbacher. In 1990 the FWU "Institut für Film und Bild in Wissenschaft und Unterricht" made two video-films on CNC-routing technology at Reichenbacher Hamuel. Reichenbacher Hamuel was instrumental in assisting with these films for the vocational education and further education. Reichenbacher Hamuel offers internal training for programming systems and CAD-programs. They teach basics of the CNC-programming, general use of M- and T-functions and instruct on the Siemens-controls.